Międzynarodowa Szkoła Podstawowa w Zabrzu

The policy of admissions
to International Primary School in Zabrze
Międzynarodowa Szkoła Podstawowa w Zabrzu

  1. Students’ enrolment for International Primary School in Zabrze takes place throughout the school year.
  2. Registration shall be made by means of the Application Form available at the School’s premises delivered to the School’s Secretariat in person or by means of an electronic form available on the website www.miedzynarodowaszkola.eu /www.internationalschool.net.pl.
  3. A first-grade student shall be admitted provided that they meet the age criteria laid down in current regulations of the Ministry of National Education.
  4. A detailed timetable and admissions stages are available on the website www.miedzynarodowaszkola.eu / www.internationalschool.net.pl
  5. An applicant is obliged to follow below stated admission procedures:

– to achieve a positive result in an educational maturity assessment conducted by the School (1st grade),

– to successfully pass an interview with the School Head Teacher.

  1. Whenever the number of expected places in newly established classes is lower than the number of applicants who were successful at the admission procedure and/or at the entrance exam – applicants shall be considered for admission to the School on the basis of their performance results until all places have been filled. Remaining applicants shall be included on a reserve list. Whenever a number of applicants obtain the same admission process result, their admission shall be based on the results of their graduation certificates of a lower class congruent with the teaching program.
  2. Minimal number of applicants necessary for a new class to be created shall amount to 8 people.
  3. Priority of admission shall be given to siblings of School’s students , children of the School staff as well as graduates of the Kindergarten Academy of Languages “Magic Fairyland”-Językowa Akademia Przedszkolaka “Magic Fairyland” (regarding 1st grade).
  4. As regards other grades, a follow-up enrolment shall be conducted depending on the number of places available.
  5. Admission to grades from 2nd to 8th shall be granted to an applicant who:

– obtained a graduation certificate of a lower class congruent with the teaching program,

– achieved a positive result in tests on knowledge and skills of leading subjects (2nd and 3rd grade – early school education and English language; 4th to 8th grade – Polish language ( does not refer to foreigners without command of Polish) , mathematics and English language).

  1. The School’s Secretariat/Admission Office provides Parents/Legal Guardians with dates of admission appointments regarding grades from 2nd to 8th over the phone or via e-mail (whole year – Monday to Friday).
  2. The School Head Teacher conducts interviews with Parents/Legal guardians applying for their children admission to the School. The dates of appointments shall be set over the phone or via e-mail by a member of the School’s Secretariat / Admission Office.
  3. The School will inform the applicant’s parents/legal guardians about their admission or denial over the phone or/and via e-mail.
  4. The admission fee shall amount to 800 zloty and shall be allocated for preparation of the student’s place at the School, such as providing facilities necessary for implementation of the electronic student programme.
  5. Once a student has been enrolled, a contract for provision of education services shall be signed between the child’s Parents/Legal Guardians and the School; also the admission fee shall be deposited into the School’s account. Failing to deposit the admission fee within the period specified in the education services contract shall be treated as resignation from services provided by the School. The place can be taken by applicants from the reserve list.