Fees in the International Primary School in Zabrze


  • Enrolment fee – 1500 zł – one-time fee intended to secure the place and equip the student at School. 
  • Fee – (monthly payment)
Grade FEE
I750 zł
II750 zł
III750 zł
IV780 zł*
V750 zł
VI750 zł
VII750 zł
VIII790 zł*

In classes IV and VIII the fee is higher due to the exam fee – PTE Young Learners.

* The increased fee for Grade IV applies only to those students who have completed at least 2 years of study at the International Primary School in  Zabrze International Primary School in Zabrze.

British Program Subscription – 307,50 zł a year in classes I-VIII.

Additional charges: lunch, NNW Insurance, books, school uniforms