Fees in the International Primary School in Zabrze


  • Enrolment fee – 1500 zł – one-time fee intended to secure the place and equip the student at School. 
  • Fee – (monthly payment)
Grade FEE
I890 zł
II890 zł
III890 zł
IV940 zł*
V890 zł
VI890 zł
VII890 zł
VIII940 zł*

*The tuition fees in grade IV are 890.00 PLN if it is the student’s first year at MSP.
**In Class IV and VIII, the tuition is higher due to the Pearson Englisch International Certificate exam fee included. The exam in Class IV is taken by students who have attended the school for at least 2 years and demonstrate readiness to take the exam.
BRITISH PROGRAM SUBSCRIPTION – 650,00 PLN annual fee in grades I – VIII.
Additional fees : food, accident insurance, textbooks, uniforms